About Us

About Us


To be the preferred I.T Training. and Community Development Facilitation provider in Kwazulu Natal by continuing our level of excellence in skills training, business and service delivery, with the aim of national expansion


Megatraining strives to provide candidates with skills to ensure career satisfaction and progression. Through nationally and internationally accredited procedures and content, we equip students with the intellectual assets and work experience that will credit the I.T. Industry.


The purpose of the Employment Equity Act is to eliminate unfair discrimination in the workplace, with particular focus on designated groups, making sure that all employees are treated fairly and have equal opportunities.

Designated groups referred to in the Employment Equity Act are black people (Africans, Indians, and Coloured), women and people with disabilities.

The Company’s employment equity plan is a long term plan to ensure that people from the designated groups are represented in all occupational categories and levels within the Company, and that unfair discrimination is removed as a barrier to employment equity.

While acknowledging our responsibility to the wider South African community, our primary responsibility is to create opportunities for our existing employees.

Skills acquisition and employee development programs are the means to unlocking job opportunities within the Company. Employees are therefore encouraged to develop their skills to the highest level and take advantage of development opportunities that could enhance their promotion prospects.


Megatraining uses the facilitator-based training methodology. All facilitators monitor delegates’ progress and, as a result of small numbers in the classes, are able to give personal attention to any needs that may arise. Courses are interactive and participative in nature to ensure delegates have a clear understanding of all concepts.

Fully equipped classrooms with high-tech systems enable us to run simulated labs, giving the learner the hands-on experience necessary to complete training competently.


All trainers have an integrated skills base that they pass onto students. They all have thorough qualifications and experience which benefit the student. Our trainers continuously upgrade their expertise with the latest certifications and trends.


Megatraining employs qualified assessors and moderators on their staff, so all assessments are performed in-house. Students are assessed against registered unit standards and / or qualifications. In the absence of the existence of such unit standards, international benchmarks are used.

We have great assistance from our International Courseware Providers as far as assessments are concerned. Course material comes with very clear objectives, baseline assessments and a variety of formative assessments and post-task summative assessments to test the users’ ability to perform the actual tasks.

For the national standards, we find most of the unit standards to be clearly defined. As we deliver such a wide variety of training, we are currently in the process of developing assessments.


Only Course materials that are approved by the company that hosts the qualifications are used, ensuring our learners that relevant material is covered.


The assessor acts as a facilitator in delivery of courses. Assessors deliver a lesson preparation plan prior to the delivery of the course, coupled with assessment tools and observation sheets.

The assessor determines before-hand what unit standards and CCFO’s are going to be assessed, and prepares to deliver the material based on those unit standards and CCFO’s at a minimum. The course may be further customized to suit the specific needs of the client.


Megatraining has always integrated training courses with the work environment to further promote competency. Training can be focused precisely on the delegates training needs coupled with identification of competency-related criteria.

Comprehensive needs analysis can be performed to ascertain an organization’s training needs and schedules developed accordingly.